The internet address belongs to DC Otelcilik Turizm Gıda ve Film Prodüksiyon San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. (will be referred as Company), which resides at the address Pürtelaş Hasan Efendi Mah. Meclis-i Mebusan Cad. No:39 İç Kapı No:1 34427 Karaköy - Beyoğlu / İstanbul / TÜRKİYE. Various information is provided at the web site of Company and each time you visit the site, you will be able to obtain information about the projects and follow the innovations. Company may revise the Web Site Legal Warning Conditions from time to time. While using this site, you accept to unconditionally comply with the new conditions and rules that may be imposed by Company.

  1. Our Responsibilities in front of you
    The information contained in this site is not comprehensive and detailed. In spite of all our efforts, such information may not be complete, updated and applicable to the conditions of any case. Company will not accept any responsibility in relation with the errors and negligence that may occur due to such reason (except the intentional misleading). The responsibility related with the wrong decisions that may be taken basing on such information completely belongs to the person, who has taken such decision. Company may not be held responsible for any losses or damages occurring either directly or indirectly as a result of visiting this site, use of this site or information included in the content.
  2. Use of the Site
    1. General Conditions of Use
      You are prohibited from violating the security of the site or attempting to violate it. Any such violation may result in penal and legal liabilities. All claimed violations will be investigated and in case of suspicion of a violation, cooperation will be made with the legal authorities. In case of such violations, any kind of claim, follow up, lawsuit and complaint rights of Company are reserved. Cases of violation of the security of the site are as follows without limitation:
      "Your entrance or attempt to enter to a “server” or account, to which you are not authorized to enter;
      " Any behavior for access to data that does not belong to you or that is not assigned to your use;
      " Your attempt to test or try the violability of any system, sub system or communication network;
      " Tampering with, breaking, changing or mixing or decoding the security or verification precautions without private permission;
      " Sending viruses etc software with the effect or intention of impairing the operation of the site, destroying the site, interrupting its operation or disabling it;
      " tampering with, stopping or publicizing any system, data or information;
      " Intervening to any user, guest or communication network service including but not being limited with overloading, “flooding”, “e-mail bombarding” or “crashing”.
    2. "Spam" and similar acts
      your are prohibited from sending the same or similar unrequested e-mail messages, mass ads or chain letters to one or more e-mail groups (two or more e-mail addresses brought together as a single e-mail address).
    3. 3.Personal Copyright protection
      You are prohibited from using the site for the purpose of violating the trademark, patent or any other intellectual rights of a 3rd person. In case we believe that you uses the site so as to violate the trademark, patent or any other intellectual rights of a 3rd person, we may terminate your right to enter the site. You may be sentenced to pay indemnification to us or to the legal owner of any idea you have violated, by the court.
    4. D. Results of Unaccepted Use
      In case you violate or attempt to violate this agreement, we reserve the right to restrict or postpone your access to the site or services without further notice or to take precautions such as deleting or rejecting everything owned by you, and this right belongs only to Company. Violation of this agreement directly or indirectly or violation of it by a third person acting on behalf of you intentionally and actually will be deemed to be a violation of this agreement by you. Besides this, in case it is reasonably known that the use of another company will cause harmful effects on the site and services, than the use of the services of another company will be accepted as a violation of the agreement.
    5. License Rights
      The use of the site by you does not authorize you directly or indirectly to the copyrights owned, controlled or will be owned by Company or any rights including commercial confidentiality.
    6. Providing connection
      You can not connect to this site, can not connect this site to another site and can not give connections to this site from another site without written permission previously obtained from Company. You can download and print a copy of the contents of this site for your non – commercial use or in relation with your purchase of any of the services and/ or products of Company, provided that all copyright and trademark information will be left intact and unchanged.

      The copyrights of all materials in this network site belong to Company or business partners and may be reproduced and used only for non-commercial purposes without obtaining the written permission of Company.
  3. Special Provisions
    Company may revise the Legal Warning conditions without notification at any time. In order to ensure that you are aware of the current Legal Warning Conditions, it would be beneficial for you to visit this site regularly, because such conditions are binding on you. After those changes, use of the site by you means that you accept those changes. All responsibilities occurring as a result of the use of any information that you have obtained from the site will belong to you.

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