Zebra Lounge
Zebra Lounge


ZEBRA Lounge

Located in the center of Karaköy, right next to Galata Port, on the terrace of Tonight Hotel Port, Zebra Lounge offers the tastes of Turkish and world cuisines accompanied by a magnificent Bosphorus view.

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Tastes from the World

Special tastes from Turkish and world cuisines will give you a unique experience with special presentations to Zebra Lounge.

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Rich drink menu

We offer an extensive beverage menu with alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, premium alcoholic beverages, hot/cold coffee and beverage varieties that you can taste only in the Zebra Lounge.

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Premium tobaccos

Meduse presentation and unique tastes of premium tobaccos are offered to our guests with an extraordinary Bosphorus view.

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VIP rooms

We are at your service with our VIP rooms for your special moments and special celebrations.

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Night, music, entertainment

Live music and DJ performances, entertaining parties are at ZEBRA Lounge.
You can follow current events on instagram.com/zebraloungeport.